Aligning individuals, teams and organizations, both public and private, around activating Bushwick as a "hyperlocal" site for rapid prototyping of urban blockchain innovation. 

Define, develop, and deploy a suite of blockchain solutions that transform Bushwick into the world’s first decentralized smart neighborhood.

The Bushwick Blockchain Alliance is spearheaded by independent urbanists, technologists, businesses, and nonprofits committed to the advancement of the emerging local blockchain ecosystem and the enrichment of urban neighborhoods around the world.

By aligning the necessary resources, the BBA intends to foster the creation of a neighborhood that is experimental and playful, yet intentional and educational.  We believe that this type of hyperlocal, interactive and transactional learning could serve as a powerful case study to ignite new forms of digital economies across New York City.

From NYCEDC Presentation

From NYCEDC Presentation