Our Take

We believe technology is going to be a part of the future city, and urban residents should have a choice on how this technology will be used and experienced from various cultural, political and ethical perspectives. Decentralized systems can allow urban neighborhoods to own their data and, therefore, create a fundamentally new type of urban community based on shared value systems where local citizens are directly involved.

These blockchain systems can increase data privacy, digital identity and improve other security concerns that will become more prevalent as technologies are physically integrated in urban spaces. This foundational layer of security allows value to be unlocked and quantified, creating the possibility for new incentive and funding mechanisms.

In this way, urban blockchain projects incubated in Bushwick can help create value out of local spatial and cultural resources that are already part of everyday urban life. These projects directly engage aspects of blockchain technology that can make government urban systems more transparent, accessible, and most importantly a new tool for community-based value generation.

Neighborhoods can use the their own local data to interact with other parts of the city, in any way they see fit according to cooperative management systems. Citizens and neighbors will be incentivized to view their part of the city as a valuable asset that can increase in value and quality of life.  In organizing and creating community, we are able to address civic action and responsibly at an unprecedented scale and granularity.

The program first seeks to focus on existing urban blockchain projects in the Bushwick neighborhood around the Morgan L train stop where there is already a burgeoning community of blockchain entrepreneurship. We hope to provide a real-world foundation to further elaborate on new projects that will be incubated within the Bushwick Generator and directly applied in the surrounding community.